Simplify Your Life Month, Day 13: Stop Junk Mail

How would you like to lose 41 pounds and live 8 months longer?

You can have all of this and more by stopping your junk mail. The average American household gets up to 41 pounds of junk mail a year and according to, we could spend up to 8 months of our lives dealing with it.

For Simplify Your Life Month, Day 13, I’m stopping my junk mail.

Stopping Your Junk Mail:

  1. makes your mail easier to deal with
  2. decreases the amount of paper that needs recycled
  3. decreases your stimuli and thus stress
  4. decreases your risk of identity theft
  5. saves the earth

Think about all the mail you got last week. Is it still sitting around? If so, take a look at it.

How much of it did you actually need or want?

I’ll bet 25% or less.

Of the mail you didn’t need or want, it probably falls into one of these three categories: credit card offers, junk from places you do business with, and junk from places who want to do business with you.

Here’s How to Stop Getting So Much Junk Mail

Credit Card Offers


The Consumer Credit Reporting Companies (Equifax Information Services, LLC, Experian Information Solutions, Inc., Innovis Data Solutions, Inc., and TransUnion, LLC) operate this service to stop pre-screened credit card offers. This won’t stop your credit card bill from coming, though.

Most Junk

DMA Choice

Direct Marketing Association is the behemoth from which most marketers get your address. Stopping mail from them will cost you a $2 processing fee and will get you off of DMA’s mailing lists for 10 years. Not all businesses use the DMA’s lists, so to fully cover yourself, you might have to use an additional method.

National Do Not Mail List

This method is free and you can choose to receive certain types of items.

Paper Karma

This app lets you unsubscribe by taking a picture of your unwanted mail. $1.99/month or $19.99/year.


Catalog Choice

Save the catalogues you want to opt out from (just the page with your mailing address). You will need the exact spelling of your name and address. You can also use the code numbers on the label. Some catalogues request that you opt-out on their website, and in those cases will provide a direct link to that page.



Red Plum (Retail Me Not)

These 2 companies cover the majority of coupon booklets mailed to you. Both have a very easy form you can use to opt-out.

For companies you have already done business with, you will have to contact them directly. Save your address labels and host a Get Rid of Your Junk Mail party.


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