Simplify Your Life Month (Prologue)

You might be wondering where the last week of Simplify Your Life Month went. So am I, my friend.

I have, however, completely re-built after a major technical problem.

And I am still making the bed every day.

What I am not going to do it beat myself up because August is over and I didn’t manage to stick to my schedule of blogging for the month. Talk about complicating your life!

When you’re trying to work on a new habit, you are going to slip up. It might seem like you’re going backwards at times. But do you know how to get going forward again?

By beating yourself up.

That’s a joke. Obviously not, right? You correct course by supporting yourself in the new habit. You want to spend a little time trying to figure out why you slipped up, but do this in problem-solving mode, not in guilt and shame mode.

Celebrate what you did get right.

And then keep going.

I made the bed today.

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