Simplify Your Life Month, Day 2: Read Simplify Your Life

Day 2: Read Simplify Your Life by Elaine St. James

What better way to kick off Simplify Your Life Month than with a reading of Elaine St. James’ classic handbook?

This short but sweet book outlines 100 ways to eliminate excess, slow down, and create more ease in your life.

Some of the suggestions sound outdated now (“#32 Get Rid of Your Car Phone”) but the sentiment is easily applied. If it were written today, this item would surely be about texting and driving.

The book is divided into eight sections that focus on simplicity tips for different areas of your life: household, finances, work, etc. That makes it easy to focus on one particular area if you need to.

Some suggestions are actions you can accomplish quickly, and others need a longer-term commitment. Not every entry is one I would consider for myself (Keep all the plants outside? Never!), but when you’ve got 100 to choose from, there’s bound to be some that make sense for your life.

Like #53: Turn Your Hobby Into Your Job. Um, check!

For a preview of all the ways I am observing Simplify Your Life month, check out Day 0 of Simplify Your Life Month.

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