Simplify Your Life Month, Day 16: Simplify Your Computing Life

I don’t even want to think about the excess of photographs that are clogging up my computer right now.

Even though I can sort of ignore them, they feel like clutter. I know they are there, and that I don’t need to keep them. Documents and apps, too.

We can get by with the excess, but at what cost?

It takes up digital space and makes it harder to find things.

If there’s limited structure, saving things to your computer is a little like throwing your clothes on the floor wherever you happen to be standing.

Eventually it adds up, and I’ve hit my limit.

Today, for day 16 of Simplify Your Life, I’m simplifying my computing life.

Two Main Strategies for Simplifying Your Computing Life

This mirrors organizing and simplifying physical things:


delete files

delete photos

delete apps

delete programs

delete shortcuts

consolidate your email

use a password manager

delete contacts for people you don’t remember

delete bookmarks


set up a folder for items you need to process–and regularly process it!

sub-categorize folders

sort your desktop or home screen to only feature your most commonly used apps and programs

If you’re shy about deleting stuff, move it to a flash drive or external hard drive. If you haven’t accessed it in 6 months to a year, you can feel more comfortable about deleting it for good.

Maintenance Plan for Computing Simplicity

minimize what you keep

regularly process your files

regularly eliminate unused or unneeded items

backup, backup, backup

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