Simplify Your Life Month, Day 10: Spend Time With People You Love

Is there someone you’re missing?

Are you lurking on Facebook, liking this and that, but you haven’t seen their face in person in who knows how long?

Someone who might have gotten married, or had a baby, and you’ve all gotten busy with life and suddenly you haven’t talked in 2 years?

Has someone you once called friend turn into an acquaintance?

Is there a family member who would like to hear what’s happening with you?

It is never too late.

It might feel awkward to reach out, especially if a lot of time has passed.

(If they react badly to your efforts to connect, then perhaps disconnection was right all along.)

If you’re missing someone, take a few minutes and make that phone call or write that email.

Get together, or start up some letters.

People who have strong social networks live longer.

Enough said.

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