$125     The initial assessment takes 60-90 minutes and includes a report and recommendations. The fee is waived if you purchase a package at the time of the assessment. 

$75     The hourly rate applies for work on site, design time, and shopping. 

$150. The Accessibility Consultation  includes a whole-house safety assessment, an in-depth assessment of targeted areas, a detailed report, and local recommendations for equipment and work.

Parking fees and reimbursement for items purchased on your behalf will be invoiced to you.

If you purchase multiple hours in advance, you’ll save some money. 

  •  8 hours for $569…5% off
  • 16 hours for $1109…8% off
  • 24 hours for $2169…10% off
Packages don’t expire. Huzzah!

My primary service area is Chicago and its near suburbs to the north and west, in a 10 mile radius from my office address (roughly to O’Hare). If you’re further away, gimme a shout anyway.

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