How to Organize Your Fabric and Yarn Stash

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I’m a poly-crafter, and I love my craft stuff. Sewing, bookmaking, calligraphy, general cobbling together of all sorts of things. The stuff tends to take over if I’m not diligent about limiting myself. Creative brains often like to hold on to things because getting rid of it stirs up a fear of losing creativity. What if I need this 3-inch scrap of fabric for something? I’m sure you can relate.

So as painful as it might be, your first step in organizing your fabric and yarn stash is to deal with issues of having, keeping, or buying too much. Don’t organize your clutter!

Identify how much space you’ve got and only fill that space. Once you’ve reached your max, practice one in, one out. (Or if you’ve initially fudged things, one in, two out. You tried! Keep trying!) Remember that you can’t fight math.

Envision your creating space in a well-organized state with plenty of room for actually, y’know, creating.

I know this is hard.

Boy, do I know it.

After you’ve eliminated your excess fabric and yarn, you want to organize it in a way that makes it easy to find, retrieve, and put away. Keeping things visible should also help you to avoid over-buying.

If you have an extensive amount of fabric and yarn, and find yourself buying duplicates or verrrry similar items, consider a database app that can help you keep track. Threads has a review of one app, and there are others out there.

Consider storing some items out of your main crafting space–for instance, if you don’t sew with heavy fabrics in the warmer months, use under the bed storage boxes to get them out of the way.

Are you troubled by The Attack of the Remnants? Depending on what you sew, set a limit for the smallest size of a remnant that will be actually useful to you. And then let the rest go.

Go where, you ask? Recycle Nation and Apartment Therapy have a run-down of some options for recycling textiles.  and

You might also consider listing your remnants for sale or giveaway to see if another crafty person can use them.

Once you know what you’re dealing with, it’s time to organize! Here are 14 of my favorite ideas for organizing your fabric and yarn stash.

Shelves & Cubbies

Hint: Add more shelves to a bookcase to avoid having to unstack boxes or piles. Common sizes and shelf supports can be found at any decent hardware store.

Clear Boxes

Rolled Up

Decorative Jars


Wall Cubby

Hang It Up

Hanging your fabric lets you see a ton at one time.

Basic Hangers

Trouser Hangers

Or Horse Blanket Hangers

Use the Walls

Going vertical can effectively double your storage space.

Like, Really Use the Walls

Put Up a Pegboard

Use Over-the-Door Shoe Organizers

Vertical Rack for Long Rolls

Doesn’t Everyone Have a Card Catalogue?

My last tip for organizing your craft space is to spend some time at the end of your working session to tidy up, like in kindergarten. You don’t have to sing the song.

Which one of these ideas is your favorite? I’d love to see before and after pictures, so if you’ve done something cool in your workroom, please send them to me!

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