Simplify Your Life Month, Day 3: Make Your Bed Every Morning

Do you make your bed every morning? This is what my bed typically looks like after getting up.

Sometimes it stays that way, and sometimes I eventually make the bed. Sometimes it is a grandmother-approved job, and other times it’s so sloppy I might as well have left it un-made.

For Simplify Your Life Month Day 3, I’m making the bed.

There are many reasons to, and many reasons not to make your bed every morning. I’m all about saving energy, so I could argue that making the bed wastes energy. After all, you’re just going to get back in it and mess it all up again.

In fact, Eleanor St. James even recommends skipping making your bed in order to simplify life (#98).


Isn’t a simply made bed so serene?

BeaLinen, West Elm, Brooklinen

Inspiration to Make Your Bed Every Morning

The whole bedroom should be a place that supports rest and sleep. Piles of laundry, work, exercise equipment (with laundry), and the stuff that really should be somewhere else detract from this ideal setting.

Maybe you can’t clear your room of those things, but you can at least make the bed. If you need some inspiration, check out my Pinterest board featuring beds I think are fantastic.

Big Reason #1 to Make Your Bed Every Morning

If you make your bed every morning, you have the pleasure not only of seeing your lovely bed in a peaceful state, but also the pleasure of tucking yourself into that peaceful bed at night. This has been proposed to improve your sleep.

Big Reason #2 to Make Your Bed Every Day

Another benefit of making the bed every morning is that you start your day doing something productive. You set the stage for the rest of your day.

In his book, The Power of Habit, Richard Duhigg describes the habit of making your bed as keystone habit. Keystone habits are routines that if identified, spill over into other feel-good habits like cooking your own food or going to the gym.

Making your bed every morning is what he calls a keystone habit. This is a habit that tends to influence us to improve other positive habits like sticking to a budget or going to the gym.

We’ll see about that.

How Do You Actually Make the Bed?

Decorative pillows or not?

Hospital corners or free and easy?

Covers turned down, flat under the pillows, or tucked over the pillows?

Duvet pulled up or folded at the end of the bed?

Top sheet or skip it?

How many blankets? How many pillows?

So. Many. Options.

We had a family member house-sit and discovered that there was another way to make the bed. She simply oriented the duvet turned 90 degrees so the decorative element was running along the side of the bed instead of the foot.

It was such a simple difference that livened up the space with a little asymmetry. I think for this whole bed-making extravaganza I will do it her way, just for fun.

An 80-year-old lady taught me how to make hospital corners, but our quilt is long enough to hide everything so I’ll definitely be skipping that detail some days this month.

If you need instructions on how to do them and don’t have the benefit of knowing any 80-year-old ladies, here’s a nice video that shows you how.

Bonus Bed-Making Trick: How to Make Your Bed Without Getting Out

  1. Stay in the bed.
  2. Pull the blankets up. All the way. Smooth them, shake them, and fluff them. Get them as neat as you can. Read some more Facebook.
  3. Fold back just enough to give you room to swivel yourself out.
  4. Swivel and out you go!
  5. Fold that part back up, neaten as much as you care to, and get on with your day.
I made the bed on August 3rd.

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