Learn How to Get Organized (Hint: You Can’t)

colorful books organized on black shelves

I would like to ban the phrase “get organized.” Why? Simply put, you can’t “get organized.” Instead, you have to “practice organization”

It is an ongoing thing: using your system, evaluating your system, fine-tuning your system, or overhauling your system. And repeating and repeating and repeating.

Practicing organization requires revision and fine-tuning. It can change with you and your life events, your moods and day-to-day routines.

So there is no FINISH LINE! Sorry.

You will never “Be Organized”, except for a brief moment, because life keeps happening. You could leave the room and never come back, but that’s a shame because you worked so hard to get it the way you wanted. You will only, in a particular moment, be “practicing organization well” or not.

Your home can support organization or not.

Your routine can support organization or not.

Your actions can support organization or not.

Here is some truth: Being organized is not self-actualization. You cannot live in a magazine. Pinterest is fun but it is not real life.

Being organized is practicing organization. Every day. Like losing weight. You buy the food, the books, tell folks in the house what you’re up to, join the gym. None of these things will make you lose weight unless you practice certain habits as well.

So right now, change your goal from “Get Organized” to “Practice Organization.” Figure out what that means for your house and your life.

Deal with your mail daily.

Put the thing back where it goes.

Assess whether that’s the best place to store the toilet paper.

And keep doing it.

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