Simplify Your Life, Day 7: Eat Slowly

Simplify Your Life, Day 7: Eat Slowly

My dad was the youngest of 6 children, and they were served dinner in the order of their ages. As a result, he eats fast. “I didn’t get any seconds if I was too slow.” Grandma Schneider was a great cook, too.

Aside from not getting any seconds of banana cream pudding when you are a kid, I can’t think of any good reason to habitually eat quickly.

How Can Eating Slowly Simplify Your Life?

Like many suggestions for living a simplified life, eating slowly helps you cultivate mindfulness during a mundane task. And just look at all the other benefits:

  • cultivate mindfulness
  • decrease stress
  • spend less money
  • lose weight

  • less farting!

How to Eat Slowly

Trying to eat slowly means you will have to eat more mindfully. You might realize you are full before you have finished. You might enjoy your food and company more. And you don’t need to get out the stopwatch

How to eat slowly. First, don’t do anything else while you’re eating. Then try one of these suggestions.

  1. Put down your utensil between bites.
  2. Chew each bite completely before getting another.
  3. Eat half your food, then pause. If you decide to continue, eat half of what remains, and pause again. (You can halve your food before you start eating. (Note: does not work with soup and you may confuse your eating companions.)

DEAR PARTNER: What’s wrong? Are you ok? Do you not like it?

ME: I’m ok; just pausing.

  1. Set a meditation timer to go off on a short interval during meals to remind yourself to pay attention.
  2. Use a smaller bowl, plate, or utensils.
  3. Don’t wait until you’re starving to eat.


If trying to eat slowly for all of your meals is challenging, just start with one meal. Shoot, start for half a meal. You’ll forget you’re trying to be mindful sometimes, and that’s ok.

I’m going to work on method number 3 above, starting with breakfast today. Which one do you like?

I made the bed today.

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