Simplify Your Life Month, Day 5: Drink Only Water

Mmmmm. Múre Pepino

This one may seem extreme, but from today until the end of Simplify Your Life Month, I’m going to drink only water.

How can drinking only water help simplify your life?

It Eliminates Decision

Except which flavor of fizzy water to have.

When you eliminate the need to make a decision, you give the decision-making part of your brain a rest. Like Jeff Bezos or Barack Obama wearing the same thing over and over again (well, except that one time).

It Supports Health

By drinking only water, your health automatically improves. A Dr. Pepper every once in a while is a nice treat, but let’s be honest: nothing good comes from a regular habit of high-sugar drinks and too much booze. When your health is improved, you can devote more energy to the things you care about. No 3pm Coke means no 4pm crash.

It Simplifies Finances

Sticking to water means more money in your wallet. When we eat out in our neighborhood, sometimes we spend as much on drinks as we do on food. Is that normal? I’m not sure that’s normal.

But What About the Coffee, Laura?

My therapist calls caffeine “liquid anxiety,” and I can’t say he’s wrong. However, coffee doesn’t have a serious impact on hydration and is critical to the functioning of all life on earth, so I’m making an allowance for my normal morning coffee.

What would happen in your life if you drank only water?

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I made the bed today.

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