7 Alternatives to Marie Kondo’s Boxes

This week Marie Kondo is all over my design and organizing blog feeds, educating many a design blogger on how to use her new product, Hikidashi boxes.

They are sturdy boxes covered in pretty paper and they’re meant to keep your undies and socks from co-mingling.

Part of me is saying “oooh, pretty!” and part of me is saying “89 dollars for boxes?”

As a self-described design aficionado, I can appreciate the draw of some pretty containers for your drawers. Aesthetics are important.

And depending on the person and the context, aesthetics aren’t important at all. In my dresser drawers are shoeboxes and cut-down boxes from Amazon and Craft Coffee and they work just fine for me.

In case you want something in between the recycling bin and the sublime, here are some suitable alternatives.

Vireo Home earns a small fee from qualifying purchases from certain linked retailers. Everything I recommend is something I would buy and use myself. Gotta earn money for label tape and Sharpies….

Bed Bath and Beyond fabric accessories tray

Linus dresser storage bins

Stackable metal drawer organizers

Lipper bamboo drawer organizer boxes

Foldable fabric storage cubes


(If you don’t have an IKEA, these are on Amazon.)

A whole department at The Container Store

The crafty part of me is planning a tutorial on how to cover your own boxes with decorative paper so if you’re feeling crafty, stay tuned.

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