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Do you need help with organizing, decorating & accessibility in Chicago?

Hey, I’m Laura, and I want to help you love your home. My thoughtful and supportive  approach will  transform your space into a place that is just right for you.

“Laura is a true partner to her clients in their life-skills journeys, and her magic is worked with serenity, confidence, and utter lack of judgement.”
Marie K.
organizing client
” Laura brilliantly discerned my personal frustrations and roadblocks with the space, and then insightfully personalized the room to blend style and function.”
Chrissy B.
organizing & decorating client

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You get:

full assessment

I conduct a thorough assessment to get to know your particular needs, style, challenges, and goals.

personalized solutions

No cookie-cutter solutions here. The work we do takes your unique context in mind and each solution is tailored just for you.

long-term results

Built-in methods for accountability and support so you can see longer-lasting results

What can I help you with?


closet overhauls

From the tiniest hall closet to a walk-in too big for its own good, I can help you make the most of your closet spaces. No job too small–it can make a difference!

kitchen & pantry organizing

When these spaces don’t function well, things get out of control easily. We can create systems for smooth work and maximizing storage space.

studio & workshop organizing

Do you need a better way to wrangle the tools and supplies for your creative endeavors? Are you running out of space? Do you spend more time looking for stuff than actually creating? Let’s change that.

garage & basement storage

It’s not an empty nest until they get their stuff out of the house, right? These storage spaces are often neglected but when organized well can drastically improve storage and household routines. And you probably don’t need the off-site storage.

paper management

Can you find your important documents in less than 2 minutes? Is your mail out of control? I have solutions.


home inventories

Creating a thorough home inventory can help you if you ever have to file an insurance claim or claim financial losses from a disaster. It can also help you make sure you have the right amount of insurance in the first place.

paring down items for moving (or otherwise)

Moving is stressful enough but when you’re eliminating a lot of items, there’s an extra layer of work to do. I can help you edit your possessions so your new place isn’t overcrowded.

organizing multi-use spaces

Do you need a home office and a guest room? Do you need your dining room to function as a craft studio, too? I can help you create spaces that wear many hats.


Decorating for any budget

My style is down-to-earth and I’m mindful of value in making decorating decisions. We can make your place look great without blowing your budget.

Outdated room makeovers

Did you last decorate in 1995? Do you want to find ways to update your space without starting from scratch? I can help bring your decor into this millennium.

setting up new apartments

Your first place on your own. A pied-à-terre. Your mom is moving to town with only her suitcase. If you’re starting from scratch, I can help you organize and decorate the new space so it’s ready for day-to-day life.

staging in your current home

If you’re trying to sell your house, I can advise you on how to arrange your space to attract buyers. A staged home sells for more money and sells faster.

disovering your style

What’s your style? Do you feel like your place has no pizazz? Have you changed while your place has stayed the same? We can re-vamp so your space fits your life.

finding art, lighting, & textiles

Do you kind of know what you want but need help tracking down some options? I’d love to go searching for that perfect print, lamp, or rug for you.


Safety Assessments

I can conduct a whole-house assessment for safety, reducing the risk of falls and injury. This service is especially useful for people who need to plan for aging in place.


If you’re facing a limitation, I can give you advice on how you can set up your environment to help you get things done while minimizing risk of injury.

assisted living apartment setups

A move to assisted living is a lot of work and often quite stressful. I can take some of the pressure off by helping prepare for downsizing as well as arranging the new place in a safe, functional way.

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My primary service area is Chicago and its near suburbs to the north and west, in a 10 mile radius from my office address (roughly from the lake to O’Hare). If you’re further away, gimme a shout anyway.

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