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Are you ready to love your home? My realistic and supportive approach to organizing, decorating, and accessibility can help you make the changes you need. Serving the Chicago area.



From the tiniest hall closet to a walk-in too big for its own good, I can help you make the most of your closet spaces. No job too small–it can make a difference!

When these spaces don’t function well, things get out of control easily. We can create systems for smooth work and maximizing storage space.

Do you need a better way to wrangle the tools and supplies for your creative endeavors? Are you running out of space? Do you spend more time looking for stuff than actually creating? Let’s change that.

It’s not an empty nest until they get their stuff out of the house, right? These storage spaces are often neglected but when organized well can drastically improve storage and household routines. And you probably don’t need the off-site storage.

Can you find your important documents in less than 2 minutes? Is your mail out of control? I have solutions.


Creating a thorough home inventory can help you if you ever have to file an insurance claim or claim financial losses from a disaster. It can also help you make sure you have the right amount of insurance in the first place.

Moving is stressful enough but when you’re eliminating a lot of items, there’s an extra layer of work to do. I can help you edit your possessions so your new place isn’t overcrowded.

Do you need a home office and a guest room? Do you need your dining room to function as a craft studio, too? I can help you create spaces that wear many hats.


My style is down-to-earth and I’m mindful of value in making decorating decisions. We can make your place look great without blowing your budget.

Did you last decorate in 1995? Do you want to find ways to update your space without starting from scratch? I can help bring your decor into this millennium.

Your first place on your own. A pied-à-terre. Your mom is moving to town with only her suitcase. If you’re starting from scratch, I can help you organize and decorate the new space so it’s ready for day-to-day life.

If you’re trying to sell your house, I can advise you on how to arrange your space to attract buyers. A staged home sells for more money and sells faster.

What’s your style? Do you feel like your place has no pizazz? Have you changed while your place has stayed the same? We can re-vamp so your space fits your life.

Do you kind of know what you want but need help tracking down some options? I’d love to go searching for that perfect print, lamp, or rug for you.


Safety assessments

I can conduct a whole-house assessment for safety, reducing the risk of falls and injury.

If you’re facing a limitation, I can give you advice on how you can set up your environment to help you get things done while minimizing risk of injury.

A move to assisted living is a lot of work and often quite stressful. I can take some of the pressure off by helping prepare for downsizing as well as arranging the new place in a safe, functional way.

Do you need to make modifications to your entrances or bathrooms to support an older adult or someone with a disability? Find out what changes will help and which ones aren’t worth the effort.

The difference

full assessment

I conduct a thorough assessment to get to know your particular needs, style, and goals.

individualized solutions

No cookie-cutter solutions here. The work we do takes your unique context in mind and each solution is tailored just for you.

long-term results

Built-in methods for accountability and support--for up to an entire year--ensure that our hard work leads to results you can rely on.

about me

laura schneider

Professional Organizer

occupational therapist

certified environmental access consultant

My name is Laura Schneider and I create spaces for thriving.

I founded Vireo Home to develop functional, inspired spaces for living and working.Vireo means “to flourish” in Latin, and helping people flourish is the heart of what I do.

I come to organizing from occupational therapy. My experience helping adults with disabilities regain function and independence in their homes taught me to tap the potential in a space to improve how people can get things done.

 Organizing allows me to solve problems and streamline things for other people, which I find deeply rewarding. My background also includes a degree in psychology and a lifelong practice of art.

I strongly believe our surroundings affect our well-being, and that makes it important to get right.

I live in Chicago with my wife and if you have a large, friendly dog, I will try to take it home with me.



  1. We start with a phone conversation to find out if I’m a good fit for your project.
  2. We schedule an in-person assessment: I learn what’s working, what’s not, and what your goals are. I evaluate the space holistically, considering the people and activities involved. I take measurements, ask you questions, and get a more in-depth understanding of what you want to change.
  3. If we decide to work together, I develop an organizing and/or styling plan that moves you towards your goals.
  4. We schedule work sessions and enact the plan. I’m your guide, teacher, assistant, and resource-finder along the way.
  5. My goal is always to create a solution that you can maintain. I want you to have a space that works for you and that you feel good in.

I will work very hard to create systems you can maintain. Sometimes people need a follow-up session a few weeks or months after a project is done and we can plan for that. Staying organized does take some effort and practice, but I will help you learn skills so you can keep up with the changes we make. All of my packages come with 12 follow-up calls or emails, so you will have support after the initial project.

It is important that the person “getting organized” agrees to having help. If they do not, efforts can backfire and relationships can be soured. Have a talk with your loved one and show them this site. If they have questions or are ready for help, then do get in touch. If you have a concern about hoarding, please see the resources here.

Send me a message. I’m happy to answer your questions.


"I have been nothing short of mesmerized by Laura’s redecoration and organization of my bedroom. Laura brilliantly discerned my personal frustrations and roadblocks with the space, and then insightfully personalized the room to blend style and function. Laura brought forth simple, creative solutions that would never have crossed my mind. Not only does Laura know how to get big results on a budget, but she is a patient and compassionate partner throughout the mission."
"Laura saved me from myself. Her ideas for de-cluttering are mind-blowing . . . simple, logical, and easy to implement - but nothing this mere mortal could conjure up without Laura's expert guidance. Even better, her solutions are long-term and intrinsically sustainable. She did not simply come in and clean out my cabinets - she taught me how to manage my own shopping and storage strategies so that the clutter does not return. Laura is a true partner to her clients in their life-skills journeys, and her magic is worked with serenity, confidence, and utter lack of judgement. Hire this woman. Now!"


$125     The initial assessment takes 60-90 minutes and includes a report and recommendations. The fee is waived if you purchase a package at the time of the assessment. 

$75     The hourly rate applies for work on site, design time, and shopping. 

$150. The Accessibility Consultation  includes a whole-house safety assessment, an in-depth assessment of targeted areas, a detailed report, and local recommendations for equipment and work.

Parking fees and reimbursement for items purchased on your behalf will be invoiced to you.

If you purchase multiple hours in advance, you’ll save some money. 

  •  8 hours for $569…5% off
  • 16 hours for $1109…8% off
  • 24 hours for $2169…10% off
Packages don’t expire. Huzzah!

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